Alessandro Benini

Alessandro Benini

He was born in Udine in '67. He certificates in accounting and then
graduated in Political Science at the University of Trieste.

He has a various and profitable working experience in the world of
multinationals (Beneton, Coca Cola, Walmec) where he specializes
himself in distributive logistics and business activities both at large
commercial chains (GDO) and in restaurants and small local retailers.

She works several years abroad in UK, South Africa, the Middle East
and Latin America where he acquires excellent linguistic competence
(English and Spanish) in addition to her knowledge of foreign markets.

Become a Sommelier FISAR (Italian Federation of Sommelier Hotels
and Restaurants) and enrich the working experience of business
interaction in the world of wine with reliability and professionalism.
Stefano Meneghello
Stefano Meneghello

Born in Verona in 1958 is a professional in commerce, Italy and abroad,
from multi-faceted and multi-year experience.

He has been a commercial director and external consultant for several
companies in the field of production and marketing in the wine and
food sector in Italy and abroad.

He knows the different market types, GDO and Horeca, organizes
and manages commercial networks with agents and distributors in
the various channels on the domestic and foreign markets.

It combines an organizational and internal management aspect
(marketing, organizing charts with relative margins, canvasses and
promotions, etc.) on field operations, which brought him to know
the best customers and sales structures in this trade.